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Wood-Burning Firepits Bowls

An Outdoor firepit is a terrific addition to your deck or patio project. This feature tends to draw a crowd, which is great for hosting parties! Firepits can be used as a focal point for the design element of your outdoor space, and of course they keep you warm.

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Enhanced Outdoor Living with LV Lighting

While planning your new outdoor space, choosing the lighting that works best for you can leave some overwhelmed with options! Considering the multiple lighting styles, voltage options, and potential locations, the choices can be seemingly endless. Here at Cedarbrook, we have compiled some of our preferred options and suggestions for lighting your new custom outdoor space!

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Covering your Framework with Lattice and Cladding

Here at Cedarbrook, we get excited for an outdoor space complete with finishing touches, such as lattice work and cladding! These design features are designated to covering any exposed wood from the framing. For decks 8’ or higher off the ground, we would recommend installing a rain diversion system complete with wood frame trim on all posts to create a fully usable space under the deck. However, with decks that are closer to the ground, we recommend lattice or cladding work to finish your space.

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Modern Deck Styles

Choosing a style for your new custom deck can be a fun and exciting process! It can also be a challenging one, with so many styles to consider. Here at Cedarbrook, we’ve compiled a selection of the most popular deck styles to assist you with your decision-making process.

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