Deck Railing Decisions

When you are investing in an outdoor living space, material decisions are just as valuable as working with a qualified contractor/designer. One of the more important decisions will be your railing choice. Railings will be the first thing guests see when they look up at your deck, so you will want a stylish presentation. You will also want a railing that aligns with your home, lifestyle, and personality. We have broken them down for you by the more popular material selections – vinyl, wood, aluminum, and composite.
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COVID-19 and Outdoor Living Space

The pandemic has changed the way we use our homes; they are now our offices, our schools, our kid’s playgrounds. As we cope in these hard times together with our stay-at-home orders, we also face a daunting new normal when leaving the house, with social distancing and face-covering protocols.
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Staining your Wood Deck

We all want a great looking outdoor living space. When you invest in a pressure treated wood deck, staining and sealing comes with the territory! Whether you are a seasoned wood deck owner, or this is your first time owning a wood deck, the staining and sealing process can be a difficult one. Not to worry! Here at Cedarbrook, we have great tips to share with you!

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