Capped Composite Decking

The New Pool and Hot Tub Surround

Capped Composite Decking

Photo Courtesy of TimberTech


It’s that time of year when homeowners are opening their pools and assessing their summer hotspot.  If your pool surround has seen better days, you may want to consider breaking from the traditional concrete, stone or paver patio and investigate capped composite decking for around your backyard oasis.  It’s the “not so new kid on the block” and the products just keep getting better.

When you think of your pool surround, the first things that come to mind are safety and maintenance.  You will want a product that is:

  • Not slippery
  • Smooth (uneven or bumpy areas can cause trouble under foot)
  • Resistant to mold, mildew, algae
  • Resistant to harsh climates

Today’s capped composite decking exceeds these needs!  When you take into consideration what you typically see around homeowner’s pools (pavers, concrete or stone) and the maintenance required to keep these materials user safe and attractive; it’s obvious that capped composite decking is a wise choice.

Capped composite products, like TimberTech, are durable in harsh climates, and their decking material resists mold, mildew and has finishes to avoid slippage.  The proprietary formula used for capped composite decks contains a of variety agents designed to specifically withstand mold and mildew.

The maintenance required to keep your capped composite pool deck clean is minimal.  If the decking is noticeably dirty, dilute a mild dish soap with water, and use a plastic bristle deck brush to loosen any dirt and debris.  Next you would hose off the deck.   In the winter months, if you need to remove snow around your capped composite decking pool surround, use a plastic shovel or sprinkle some calcium chloride as a melting agent.

When it comes to aesthetics you can’t go wrong with the look of capped composite.  TimberTech has dozens of colors to select from and they offer different plank widths too.  They also have 25, 30 and 50-year fade and stain warranties for their products.  Another great thing about capped composites is that you can bend the boards to compliment any curved features your pool has.

Most concrete and paver products do not carry a warranty.  These materials also shift and crack with the extreme temperature changes in this region, causing tripping hazards.  Capped composite decks are made to expand and retract with the elements.  Should a board have an issue due to human error, removing a damaged board and replacing it is easy.  You would not need to replace the entire deck surround!

Choosing a capped composite surround for your pool or hot tub is a terrific decision being made by more and more people every day.  The products are low maintenance and the warranty is unbeatable.   If you would like to learn more about capped composite decking or if you would like a free consultation call our office at 301-703-8728.