Outdoor Privacy

Maybe you have nosy neighbors, or you just do not like the view. If either are the case, and moving is not an option, just add some privacy! There are so many fabulous ways to achieve your ideal serene environment without standard fence options.

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Perfect Pavilions

Perfect Pavilions have become increasing popular over the years.  They are usually rectangle and have no built-in flooring.  Traditionally you’ll find pavilions over patios or decking.  These open-air structures can be very basic or exceptionally elaborate. 

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Planning your Spring Build this Winter

The last thing most homeowners have on their mind in the winter is a new outdoor living space, especially when nestled under covers gazing outside at the snow-covered ground. However, if this is the year for your new outdoor sanctuary, winter might be the best time to start planning and here’s why.

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The Motorized Louvered Pergola

A louver is a shutter with horizontal slats that allows the user to admit light and air in and keep rain out. Simply stated, it is a roof you can open. A motorized louvered pergola allows the user to control everything remotely. They are the perfect cover for your deck or patio giving you a reprieve from the sun on a hot day and protecting your area from debris like leaves.

The modern motorized pergola enhances the end user’s home and can flawlessly integrate with the existing home’s architecture. There are many design options with this product, and it can be customized with corbel ends, post wraps, caps, bases, and colors to meet homeowners and HOA needs. Most modern motorized pergolas are green products and are low maintenance.

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Screened Porch

If you are considering turning all or part of your deck into a screened porch, we’ve got some great places to start and tips to consider.  Converting your deck into screened porch has a lot benefits beginning with your return on  investment and ending with you enjoying every minute of your new outdoor living space. 
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