Composite Deck Care and Cleaning

Composite Deck Care and Cleaning

After investing in your outdoor living space with low maintenance composite decking, you still need to perform basic composite deck care and cleaning.  Most folks tackle this easy chore in the beginning of spring or at the end of fall. We’ve got some tips that just might do the trick to keep your outdoor living area looking new and gorgeous for many years to come!

Ice and Snow

With winter looming, caring for your composite deck is on most homeowners’ minds.   If you have a light dusting of snow, use a broom to gently move it off the deck’s surface.  However, if there is a significant amount of snowfall, it’s okay to use a plastic shovel to remove the snow from your deck.  Although not needed for properly built decks, it is recommended to keep snow from piling up against windows, doors and siding.  Be mindful of your railings and stay clear of hitting them with the shovel. Calcium chloride (ice melt) is suggested to remove ice on most composite deck boards but check your manufacturer’s care and maintenance guidelines to be sure before risking a chemical reaction on your composite decking!

Dirt and Debris

Storms and other naturally occurring weather incidents often leave behind sticks, leaves, dirt, and debris on your deck.  You will want to remove all large pieces by hand and then sweep away smaller pieces.  Afterwards use a hose to rinse off your decking!  If you still see dirt try using warm soapy water to remove the spot.


Mildew and mold can grow just about anywhere and can begin to grow on a damp surface in as little time as 24 hours.  You will need to check around all stationary items to make sure that you don’t have mold or mildew present.  If you notice a little build up from mildew, pollen or mold, simply rinse the area with water and use a gentle soap with a soft bristled brush to scrub/remove any spots you see.

Food and Drink

Accidents are going to happen, especially if you use your new outdoor living space to barbeque and entertain.  It is good practice to review your outdoor space for any spills after entertaining.  Remove these spills quickly with warm soapy water, as some spills will turn into stains if not removed immediately and could even void your stain resistance warranty.

Care and maintenance of composite decking material is relatively easy.  Following these easy tips should keep your deck beautiful for years to come.  If you have more questions about composite deck care, refer to your deck manufacturer’s guidelines.

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