Custom Outdoor Living Space vs. Production Builder Standard

If you have purchased a new production home in a planned community, you will need to decide if you are ready to invest in a custom outdoor living space to be added on. One option is for your homebuilder to build this during construction of your house.  Typically, this path limits the design options and material choices, and will usually result in a “cookie cutter” space like your neighbors who went this route. If you want to have limitless material and design selection, paired with the ability to customize your space according to your lifestyle; you will want to partner with for a professional design/build contractor.

Custom Outdoor Living Space

Material and Design Knowledge Base

Production homebuilders that construct new developments use the same materials and designs over-and-over again. They do not give the homeowner many choices when it comes to available home models or materials because this would alter their building process. Construction employees that focus on production usually do the same task daily. This helps those companies reduce human error and keeps costs down. Custom builders need to have strong product and material knowledge because client requests can be run-of-the-mill to more exotic choices. You will never be offered Black Locust decking with cable railing from a production builder because their employees typically lack product knowledge and exposure.


Skilled Labor

Production construction is time sensitive for profitability.  Laborers are not trained with a variety of materials or designs. Custom builders deliver one-of-a-kind projects. This requires higher a level of construction knowledge and skill sets than your typical production builder.

At Cedarbrook, we have an ongoing training program designed to make sure our team is up to date with the latest technology and product application.  We also work with our product vendors and use their in-house training programs to continue educating our team as well.



Our approach begins by listening to our client’s needs and learning what their outdoor living objectives are. We custom design each project to the home and client’s goals while observing county/city regulations and HOA guidelines (when necessary). This gives the homeowner the option to include custom add-on options such as designer railing, lighting options, water & fire features etc.  This would not be available with a production builder.


Custom Outdoor Living Space

Cedarbrook Custom Projects


If your perfect outdoor living space is a warm and inviting retreat with “all the feels” then a custom builder is your best bet. Learn more about Cedarbrook services or call to schedule your free consultation by calling 301-703-8728.