Customize your Deck

Customize your Deck

If you are in the early stages of designing your deck you may want to customize it to meet your lifestyle and environment.  Do you have a lot of sun? Do you have noisy neighbors? To overcome these obstacles and create the perfect outdoor living space, customize your deck.

If you are an entertainer, then most likely you will have friends and family over. Rather than purchase and store outdoor seating for all your guests why not consider having it build in your deck.  There are plenty of tasteful ways to incorporate bench seating into your deck structure. Consider enclosing your bench seating to provide a storage area too.

Also, drink rails are a popular addition.  This gives your guests a place to rest their drinks and snacks while they chat.  Use it for potted plants or a comfy place to rest your elbows while you gaze out over your view. No matter how you use it, drink rails save you valuable deck space.

Nosy and noisy neighbors can be very bothersome when you are out enjoying your deck. An easy way to handle this without confrontation with your neighbor is to add a privacy wall.  This can be done with lattice, decorative metal privacy panels and other materials.  Privacy panels also give you more control over your surroundings, so you and your guests aren’t stuck looking at your neighbor’s place.

Deck rail beams are also great to use for privacy. Hang curtains, blinds or plants to provide a more intimate area for you and your guests.

Too much sun? Pergolas are very customizable and can be draped with curtains to help block out the sun and neighbors. Pergolas can also be motorized too and fitted with blinds or louvers. This attractive feature brings definition and purpose to an area i.e. dining area or sitting area.

When you are ready to customize your deck or new outdoor living space call Cedarbrook for a free consultation at 301-703-8728. Allow us to work with you to customize your outdoor living space to meet your lifestyle.