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Top 5 Things to Consider Before you Switch to Composite Decking


Composite decking is fabulously beautiful with amazing colors to meet most homeowner’s palettes. However, there are factors to consider when making the choice between a wood deck or composite deck material options.

  1. Resurfacing over your old wood deck typically requires additional joists. Wooden deck joists usually span 24 inches on center. Composite deck material is not as strong as wood and depending on your composite deck design, joists will need to be either 12 or 16 inches on center or your deck could sag. This will add additional cost and time to your resurfacing project. Also, it is a good idea to consult with a professional builder to review your substructure before making the investment.
  2. Composite or PVC decking will cost more up front than pressure treated wood.
  3. Treated wood, Cedar, or exotics like Ipe are much more eco-friendly than man-made composite material. Although many PVC decking manufacturers are incorporating recycled deck material options into their product.
  4. Wood material will always be cooler to the touch than composite. Composite decking material tends to retain heat, especially the darker colors. PVC decking is a cooler “option” and you will not have to worry about splinters that occur in wood materials.
  5. Take time to weigh your color options with composite since you will be living with that color until you replace it. Composite decking should not be painted. If you like the flexibility of changing the decking color, wood is your best option.


deck material options

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Even armed with this knowledge, most homeowners select composite or PVC decking because of composite’s low maintenance characteristics and warranty. Composite and PVC decking material, such as the TimberTech line carries 30- and 50-year warranties making it hard to resist.  The maintenance is minimal compared to caring for a pressure treated deck.


Composite deck material options

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The color choices available today for composite decking are remarkable and homeowners are happy to make the switch even if they cannot change the color. If sun is a concern many people choose lighter colors or add a shade structure.

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