Popular Deck Patterns

When you are designing your new custom decking, make sure to tailor your space to meet your unique style. There are creative deck patterns, color combinations, and board widths that can make your outdoor living space a wonderful conversation piece and the envy of the neighborhood.

Deck Patterns

Picture Frame

When you picture frame your deck you are adding a deck board around the perimeter of your deck. This style hides the ends of your decking giving it a cleaner look. Dress it up using a different board width and color for the picture frame.

Diagonal decking

Diagonal Deck Patterns

If you are tired of the same straightforward deck patterns, but don’t want it to be too busy, diagonal decking might be a good fit. Diagonal decking can give small spaces the “feel” of being larger. If you have a large deck space, think about breaking up the pattern with a vertical board (also known as a seamboard) of a different color, size, or both.


Herringbone Deck Patterns

The herringbone design is texturally stunning. The decking planks are installed at a 45-degree angle giving it more depth than other patterns and can make your deck seem more expansive. Consider alternating similar composite decking colors when installing your herringbone pattern for a beautiful and unique look.

Deck Patterns
Pinstripe Deck Patterns


This modern and fun pattern is achieved by varying deck board widths. The pinstripe pattern is traditionally laid out by alternating two narrow boards in between a wider width deck board. Add a picture frame to your pinstriped deck for a more sophisticated and cleaner look. Use similar but different colored composite deck boards to give it that one-of-a-kind look.


Inlay Deck Patterns

Deck inlays really showcase your creative style and are terrific conversation starters. Think of an inlay as something like an “accent” piece for your outdoor living space. Inlays can define different spaces such as your outdoor dining area or lounge. Deck inlays give your deck space a multi-dimensional modern feel.



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