Did you know that May is deck safety month? Each year we hear the stories of decks that have failed, usually during a gathering resulting in injury. By performing a few simple checks, you can assess your deck’s overall health.


Wood damageWood Damage – Rot, Insects, Mold, Mildew

Do a visual check around your deck for wood damage. Inspect your deck boards, joists (if you can reach them), beam, stair connections (if necessary), and any wood that is in contact with the ground. If you come across an area that has damage, use a screwdriver to penetrate the wood. If the screwdriver penetrates the wood by a ¼ inch or more, you will need to address the damage.


ledger boardLedger Board Check

Your ledger board connects your deck to your home. It is imperative that this connection is correct. If not, your deck could fall away from the house. Your ledger board should be connected to your home with lag bolts and should not show signs of rust or wear. If for any reason the connection seems faulty or has signs of damage, repair this immediately before use.


Deck Safety ChecklistFlashing

Flashing is the plastic or metal protection used keep water away from your deck’s connection point to your home. This needs to be firmly in place to avoid damage to your home and to your deck. Make sure you check the flashing for deck safety month.


May is deck safety monthDeck Connections – Bolts and Fasteners

Make sure your deck connections are tight. Review your anchors, fasteners, and nails for corrosion and looseness.  Replace all corroded material. If you have nail pops, use a hammer to pound them down.


deck railingsRailings

Deck railings need to be secure and should not move or sway. This is especially important for tall decks with big drop offs.


If maintaining your older deck has become troublesome and expensive it might be time to replace it. From concept to construction, our professional team of designers, sales professionals, and builders can help you realize your ideal outdoor living space.

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