Decorating Exterior Outdoor Living Spaces

Cedarbrook Outdoor Pavilion with Fireplace and Flagstone Patio


Americans are more committed than ever to beautifying their outdoor living spaces. From effective design to comfortable furnishings, the desire to be outdoors has increased tenfold since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic. At Cedarbrook, we understand décor, furniture, and placement play a major role in making your outdoor space flow-friendly and welcoming. Below we have some terrific ideas to take into consideration when purchasing your new furniture and décor.


Decorating Exterior Outdoor Living Spaces

Cedarbrook Outdoor 1007 sq ft Fiberon Horizon Ipe Deck with 315 sq ft Porch

Decorating Exterior Outdoor Living Spaces

Cedarbrook Outdoor Porch with TimberTech Silver Maple Decking and Key-Link Railing with Fireplace


Once you have your ideal outdoor living space built, you’ll need to decorate and accessorize the area. These furnishings will play a big role and you will want to make sure you spend your money wisely. Furnishings can be expensive, so typically you want to select products that have good ratings and a tendency to last. You won’t want to replace your cushions or other pricey items seasonally.


Start with a plan. How do you want to use your new outdoor living space? Draw out your space on paper and fill in your furniture and accessories to scale. This may take several attempts before you have a solid idea. The main goal is to make sure it flows nicely allowing ample movement for you and your guests.


Outdoor Living Spaces

Cedarbrook Outdoor Curved deck with TimberTech Silver Maple Decking and Lower-Level Screened Porch with Patio


Choosing your exterior furniture is just as important as your interior furniture, if not more. Take into consideration factors like rain, wind, or care and maintenance. Weather will play an important role in determining your outdoor furniture selection. If you live in an area that receives a lot of rain mold, mildew, rust, and warping could be a problem. Too much sun can cause your furniture to crack or fade and too much wind could blow it away. Opt for furniture that is appropriate for these conditions. You may want to invest in protective furniture covers unless you plan on storing it away for the winter months.


Cedarbrook Outdoor Design Build

Cedarbrook Outdoor Nicolock paver patio with fireplace, masonry patio step, grill alcove wall and lighting

TimberTech Tigerwood Deck

Cedarbrook Outdoor TimberTech 528 sq ft Tigerwood Deck


Which type of style will fit your needs? Are you modern or rustic? Do you love the idea of lounging in comfort, or do you prefer a sleek look? These are all crucial decisions because if your idea of comfort are bunches of cushions you will need to make sure you have a place to store them, and you’ll need to be ready to run out and put them away if a storm comes through.


Decorating Exterior Outdoor Living SpacesThese days, many people purchase their outdoor furnishings online and the color online may not be a good representation of the actual fabric color, so it is always good to ask for a swatch. Read product and customer service reviews too. Most people are honest and share their experience.


Décor can really jazz up your outdoor living area. Create a focal point with firepits or fountains. Show off your green thumb by adding planter boxes with seasonal flowers. Cushions on your outdoor sitting areas can add a splash of color and texture too. Outdoor rugs also show off your style and there are a variety of options to choose from. If you include items like freestanding lanterns or other lightweight decorative pieces, make sure you have a safe place to store them.


IPE deck

Cedarbrook Outdoor Left to Right: Left – Custom Ipe Deck with Ipe Planters – Center – Nicolock Paver Patio with Fountain – Right – Porch with Paver Patio


There are many online and brick-and-mortar stores to investigate for your ideal outdoor furnishings and décor needs.  The most important thing is to enjoy the space you built. If you haven’t built or began decorating exterior outdoor living spaces yet, reach out to the Cedarbrook team for a free consultation 301-703-8278 and get started off on the right foot!