Design this Winter, Build Next Spring

Avoid the spring and summer rush to build your new outdoor living space. Design in the fall/winter months and build your project in the spring instead. The building industry is typically less busy in the winter months. This gives you more opportunities to meet with builders and find a good fit for your project. Once you select your builder, they will generally have more available time to discuss project design options and material choices that work well for your outdoor living space needs.


It is incredibly important to know your budget before you begin your project. It is easy to get carried away with all the trimmings available. From kitchens to showers, you can have pretty much everything you have on the interior of your home included in your outdoor living space if it suits your budget. If you choose items or materials that are “special order,” it can take several weeks or longer. Planning in the fall and winter gives you more time for these unique products to arrive.


If you live in a neighborhood with an HOA, there are most likely rules governing what is allowable. You need to review and share these rules with your builder. Also, as a homeowner, it is your responsibility to communicate with your HOA and to submit your project (including material choices/colors) for review. Many times, the process can take months for HOA approval, submitting well in advance leaves time for any questions to be answered or changes to be made.


Once you have HOA approval, you can begin the permitting process. The county or city approval process takes time. There can be situations where changes need to be made to the design or your municipality could be experiencing staffing shortages or a project backlog. Taking care of this approval is your final step toward the construction process.


When you are ready to design and build your new outdoor living space reach out to the team at Cedarbrook. Allow our professional designers and builders to bring your visions to life. Call today for your free consultation: 301-703-8728.