Limited Outdoor Space?

Limited Outdoor Space

Cedarbrook platform deck and ramp with Island Oak decking and aluminum rail, with custom patio in Frederick, MD


If you have limited outdoor space, you may be wondering what ways there are to capitalize on the space you have. This is an increasingly common concern as some newer communities move towards shared spaces such as parks, pools, playgrounds, and other communal areas, while leaving homes with smaller yards on a smaller plot of land. A clever outdoor living space design can help you get the most out of your yard! Here at Cedarbrook, we’ve gathered some of our favorite small outdoor spaces to help inspire the design of your very own limited outdoor living space!

A great question to ask yourself is simply, “what are you going to use your outdoor space for?” Perhaps you plan to incorporate a hot tub, kitchen, firepit, or other unique feature as a focal point. Perhaps you intend to host parties and cook. This question will help you decide if a deck, porch, patio, or other structure is best for your limited outdoor space. Another consideration is determining your budget. How much are you willing to invest in your outdoor living space? Once a budget has been defined the design phase can begin.


Limited Outdoor Space

Cedarbrook Paver Patio with Retaining/Bench Wall


Patios offer privacy, elegance and are perfect if you love the feeling of being immersed within the landscape. Patios work well on level landscape. With a well thought out plan a small patio can offer built-in seating, retaining walls, lighting and still provide space for entertaining.


Limited Outdoor Space

Cedarbrook Fiberon Horizon Ipe deck with Gable-style porch and patio in Frederick, MD


Some may see a sloped yard as an obstacle, here at Cedarbrook we see it as an opportunity to provide our client with an amazing view and a unique design! It’s easy to gaze out over your land with an elevated deck, but many times homeowners pass over these types of properties because they see the terrain as unusable. With proper planning you can still build the most amazing outdoor living spaces even with small or otherwise limited space. This project features a multi-level open porch, deck, and patio design, with natural stone steps down a steep grade to a more level and usable yard below.


Limited Outdoor Space

Cedarbrook Autumn Chestnut deck, Arabian style rail and PVC trim, with underdeck RDS and patio in Monrovia, MD


Walkout basements are perfect for an elevated deck and patio combination. An important aspect of making the space underneath of your deck usable is the installation of a rainwater diversion system which moves water away from your home and provides a dry space under your deck for maximized space! Combination deck and patio projects work great on townhomes or single-family homes as you don’t need a lot of land to achieve a fabulous outdoor space. If you have the area, add stairs to help your space flow more easily between deck and patio. Consider incorporating electrical wiring and lighting in your project. It’s a terrific benefit because it’s an added safety feature and it allows you to enjoy your outdoor living space well into the night. Deck and patio combination spaces are perfect for entertaining as they allow for more ebb and flow. With the dry space underneath, you never have to cancel party plans due to inclement weather.


Deck Designers

Cedarbrook deck in Black Locust wood and Sweeper-style wood rail in Frederick, MD


No matter the size or shape of your outdoor space, at Cedarbrook our design and sales team can work with you to determine the best approach to meet your outdoor living needs and budget.  When you are ready for your new outdoor space call Cedarbrook for a free consultation 301-703-8728.