Dress Up Your Deck or Patio

Apr 24, 2013 | Decks, Home and Garden, Mt Airy, Patios, spring

Dress Up Your Deck or Patio

Now that spring is officially here, it is time to “beautify” your deck or patio with color and texture.  Container gardens are the perfect way to add a finished and cozy look to outdoor living areas.    There are dozens of types of outdoor containers ranging from a standard wooden window box to custom built deck rail planters.  You can spend a little or lot on deck and patio containers; it all depends on your budget and how much area your space covers.  A large deck with just a few rail containers looks sparse and uninviting while a smaller space completely surrounded by planters is a bit overwhelming.  And don’t forget pots!  A nice grouping of planted pots can add height, texture and bring butterflies or hummingbirds right to you.


A quick Google search on “deck plant containers” yields many websites you can review to see all the various types of containers available.  They can be made of wood, metal, composite materials or plastic.  Rail type planters are typically attached with some sort of bracket but there are some that will sit directly on top of the railing. You need to take certain measurements before buying the planters, especially the width of the deck railing. Since, planters come in various sizes, it is necessary that the planter you select should fit perfectly on the deck railing. Most importantly make sure your railing is sturdy enough to bear the weight of planters. Watering the planters makes them even heavier, so your railing should be strong enough to support this additional weight.


Deck rail planters are a great way of organizing your outdoor space.  There are also many types of free standing plant carts and shelves which when placed against a wall provide a great focal point for pots of blooming annuals.


For large containers and pots, I recommend purchasing some rolling plant caddies.  These caddies make moving your pots around much easier and they have the added benefit of keeping the pots off your deck surface, reducing the possibility of stains or other damage.


To assist you in your searching I’ve listed some websites below that have unique or unusual containers and deck rail boxes.  Whether you buy from these sites or just gather inspiration, the important thing is to enjoy your outdoor space.  Nothing makes that space for inviting than a few comfortable chairs and blooming color all around you!



Interesting and affordable rolling caddies here:  http://www.windowbox.com/brackets-container-accessories/plant-stands-caddies.html

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