Maintenance Free Decking The Pros and Cons

With winter approaching, deck owners may find it is time for some basic maintenance  to ensure their deck remains both sound and beautiful for years to come.  During this time, you might ask “Is there really such a thing as a maintenance free deck?” I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “There is no such thing as a free lunch.”  The same goes for decks.  While new composite decking material does eliminate the need for resealing every 2-3 years, no product that is subject to the elements is completely maintenance free.  Whether you build with wood or a composite decking product, there is always some care and feeding required.

There are a number of advantages to building with a composite decking product: 

  • Wide variety of products, colors and finishes
  • Low maintenance – does not require resealing
  • Won’t crack or split
  • Environmentally friendly – some materials include post-consumer recycled content

Keep these tips in mind if you use a composite decking product:

  • Keep the deck clean of debris – leaves, tree sap and even grease from a grill can stain composite decks.  Hose them off and use a mild cleaning solution to remove sap or grease, rinse thoroughly.
  • Keep pots and other plant containers off the deck surface.  Place them on trollies, available at most home improvement centers.
  • Check for mold in shady areas.  You can purchase cleaning solutions specifically for composite decks either on-line or at your local home improvement center.

At Cedarbrook Outdoor Design & Build we build custom decks and patios using several products. 

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