Louvered Pergola

louvered pergola

A louver is a shutter with horizontal slats that allows the user to admit light and air in and keep rain out. Simply stated, it is a roof you can open. A motorized louvered pergola allows the user to control everything remotely. They are the perfect cover for your deck or patio giving you a reprieve from the sun on a hot day and protecting your area from debris like leaves.

The modern motorized pergola enhances the end user’s home and can flawlessly integrate with the existing home’s architecture. There are many design options with this product, and it can be customized with corbel ends, post wraps, caps, bases, and colors to meet homeowners and HOA needs. Most modern motorized pergolas are green products and are low maintenance.

Remotely controlled pergolas bring life back to outdoor living spaces. The biggest reason homeowners purchase motorized pergolas is because they receive too much full sun and it makes their outdoor space unenjoyable to utilize. An added benefit with this product is that it protects the eyes and skin from damaging UV rays. When not in, use keep your motorized pergola closed to protect your patio furniture, grill, or electronics from the elements. When the pergola is closed the roof acts like a rainwater diversion system and moves the rainwater away from your home.

There is a sense of privacy that comes with a pergola. Pergolas become their own outdoor room and are perfect for al fresco dining or for an outdoor conversation space. Closing the roof can reduce outdoor noise. Options like retractable screens can provide additional privacy and can help if you have issues with insects.

louvered pergola


Motorized louvered pergolas give the user more control over their environment. These products are usually controlled with a wall switch, remote or your smart phone through an app. The features you can include on your motorized pergola are impressive, such as the wind and rain sensor. The wind sensor will automatically close when wind reaches a certain speed. The rain sensor will close your pergola when the barometric pressure has changed and indicates rain. The rain sensor also doubles as a snow sensor. Other options include ceiling fans, heating systems, retractable screens, and misting systems.

Enjoy your outdoor space again. A motorized louvered pergola system enriches the homeowner’s outdoor life, increases home value and provides additional living space. When you are ready to enhance your outdoor living space call Cedarbrook for a free consultation 301-703-8728.