outdoor kitchensIf you grill out or entertain, then an outdoor kitchen just might be perfect for you. Over the past few years, outdoor kitchens have become increasingly popular and it’s easy to see why. Dining out has taken on a whole new meaning. With EPA estimating that we spend only 7% of our lives outside it’s no wonder people are migrating outdoors and bringing the kitchen sink with them.

Increase your Home’s Value

Well designed and well-built outdoor kitchens increase your home’s value. Most of the outdoor kitchen appliances are stainless steel making them able to withstand the elements. Granite has terrific durability and it is aesthetically eye catching. Regardless of the size of your project it’s always good to start with quality products that will weather the elements while retaining their beauty. With this said the ROI on an outdoor kitchen is 100% to 200% depending on the climate where you reside; making it one of the best outdoor projects you can choose.

Expand your Living Space

Outdoor kitchens increase your living and entertaining space. With all the fabulous outdoor materials and products available to homeowners; creating a custom outdoor kitchen to suit your style is easy to do. Upgrades, such as lighting and plumbing, will further facilitate a fully equipped area to prep, cook and clean-up! Some appliances you might want to consider are a refrigerator, sink, grill top with side burners and a dishwasher.

Be the Host with the Most

A great part of having an outdoor kitchen is being able to host while still being able to chat and mingle with guests and still do the meal prep! Another perk is you keep the mess outdoors. You will never have to miss the party because you are inside cleaning or prepping and you keep the odors outdoors.

Ideal for Entertaining

Take the party outside! Once you create your perfect outdoor kitchen that suits your living style, you will be the envy of the neighborhood. Some things to consider for outdoor kitchens:

Seating – Bar stools or a nice dining area
Lighting – Kitchen and dining area
Heating – A nice outdoor fireplace/firepit or a free-standing heat source
Audio/Visual – Music or TV

The most important thing is that it is your space should be geared toward your lifestyle and budget. If you need help designing or building your new outdoor kitchen we would be happy to help. Call Cedarbrook today for a free consultation 301-703-8728.