Enhanced Outdoor Living

How to achieve Enhanced Outdoor Living with LV Lighting


Enhanced Outdoor Living with LV Lighting

(TimberTech Acacia porch, traditional white PVC rail, and custom LV outdoor lighting, in Adamstown MD)

While planning your new outdoor space, choosing the lighting that works best for you can leave some overwhelmed with options! Considering the multiple lighting styles, voltage options, and potential locations, the choices can be seemingly endless. Here at Cedarbrook, we have compiled some of our preferred options and suggestions for lighting your new custom outdoor space!

If you are unsure on whether outdoor lighting would be a good addition to your project, ask yourself the following. How often you will be using this space after the sun has set? Do you plan to host parties? Will you be using your outdoor space at night? Do you want to get maximum use from your new custom outdoor space? If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then it is time to address your lighting options.

Consider using low voltage (LV) outdoor lighting for the most value-added benefits! LV Outdoor lighting continues to be a top investment and priority for most homeowners when it comes to their outdoor living space. Low voltage lighting is usually less expensive to install than line voltage lighting and uses 12 volts only while line voltage uses 120 volts. This means after installation, the savings continue as LV lighting uses significantly less energy to power than a traditional line voltage lighting option. Be sure to have your lighting installed at the time of the build, as wiring lights retroactively may be a more time consuming and therefore more expensive.

Some of the more common deck lighting types are:

Enhanced Outdoor Living

Post Accent Lighting

Typically installed on railing posts to highlight the surrounding area. These lights are usually narrower than the thickness of your post and shine lights downwards to illuminate the deck surface.




In-Deck Recessed Lighting

Installed flush inside a deck board or riser board so you won’t need to worry about stepping on them. These are usually small circular LED lights that shine upward and outward to illuminate the surrounding space.




Enhanced Outdoor Living

Post Cap Lighting

Post cap lights sit on top of the railing posts. These are the most common lighting type.




Under Rail Lighting

This lighting style is installed underneath the rail between the balusters for a hidden lighting application. The lighting has a downward glow to illuminate the railing and deck perimeter.




Enhanced Outdoor Living

Stair Riser Lights

Riser lights are installed on the stair riser board and will illuminate the stairs to make foot traffic safer at night. Most new builds require stair illumination to meet building code and standards.