Hosting Thanksgiving?

Consider using your Porch for Extra Space

Use your Outdoor Living Space this Thanksgiving! Celebrate and host your Thanksgiving Holiday meal on your screened porch. At Cedarbrook, we specialize in outdoor living spaces, and custom porches are one of the biggest requests we get. They are terrific for the fluctuating Maryland weather and when equipped properly can be used for most of the year. We have come up with some terrific tips to help you use your porch this holiday season.

Use your Outdoor Living Space this Thanksgiving
Use your Outdoor Living Space this Thanksgiving

Keeping your holiday guests comfortable by selecting a good heat source will be a top item to consider. Professionally installed fireplaces are excellent heat sources for porches. You can choose from either gas or wood-burning fireplaces. If you choose wood burning, consider using it as a double-sided fireplace if you have the space. If a fireplace is not an option, infrared heaters are a good option. They are known for their safety, they don’t take up floor space, you won’t have to worry about tipping them over, and can be either wall or ceiling-mounted.  Other options include portable freestanding heaters or tabletop heaters. Make sure you choose a product with great safety reviews that is compatible with your decking material.

Use your Outdoor Living Space this Thanksgiving

If your gatherings go into the evening hours, you will want to make sure you have proper lighting. Many times, our clients have recessed lighting installed during construction. This can be retrofitted but is costly. Other options are string lights, free-standing plug-in lamps, electric lamps, candles, or a combination. No matter the choice, lighting sets the tone and highlights the décor and meal.

After your heat and lighting have been taken care of, you are ready to lay out your tables and decorate. Long lightweight tables are ideal for set-up and take-down. If you don’t have enough tables or chairs investigate rental options. You can get either very high-end or plain furniture rentals. Seasonal décor like fall mums, pumpkins, or foliage will make your Thanksgiving table shine but the real star will always be the turkey.

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Maryland has an average temperature of around 50 degrees during this time of year, so outdoor activities like cornhole or bocce ball are terrific choices to keep your guests busy. Warm blankets, hot drinks, and comfortable pillows are always welcomed treats. If you have an outdoor television you can watch, relax, and enjoy Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and the “Big Game”.

Use your Outdoor Living Space this Thanksgiving

When you are ready to add a new porch to your home reach out to the professionals at Cedarbrook. Our team of designers and builders will work with you to construct your ideal outdoor living space. Call our team today for your free consultation at (301) 703-8728 or fill out our contact form through the website.