Outdoor Living Trends

Our clients have a good idea of what they want and need in an outdoor living space, especially after having spent months or even years at home because of the Covid pandemic. Covid has shifted how we treat the outdoors; it is the place where we socialize, play, and find respite. This shift has created a plethora of new outdoor living trends. At Cedarbrook, we have seen an array of project requests from small nooks, to putting greens or elaborate spaces with all the works! What is very clear from our clients is that they need an outdoor living space that completely tailored to them.


Outdoor Living Trends Multi-Seasonal Spaces

Multi-Seasonal Outdoor Living Spaces

If you have the space and the financial means, multi-season outdoor living spaces are fantastic choices because you can be outdoors no matter the weather. The above well-designed project is a terrific example of a multi-seasonal outdoor living space. Our client really wanted to maximize space and entertain outdoors most of the year.

Cedarbrook built and fitted this outdoor space with two kitchen areas, a patio, custom firepit with seating, outdoor deck, and screened porch. The kitchen spaces are located beneath the pergola and in the screened porch area. This project also features low maintenance Azek Mahogany PVC decking that has a 50-year warranty. What’s great about this design is it allows our client to entertain pretty much year-round and in multiple outdoor areas.


High-End Multi-Purpose Patio

High-End Multi-Purpose Patio

High-end patios, when properly designed with the home and landscape in mind, have amazing ambiance and flow. It’s a different feel than sitting high on a deck. On a patio, you are more immersed in the landscape and surroundings. Patio outdoor living spaces that serve more than one purpose are and continue to be a hot trend that won’t be going away anytime soon.

Our client wanted an outdoor living space that blended with their home and landscape. They also wanted certain design features to be incorporated. We delivered a gorgeous multi-purpose, multi-level outdoor patio living area! Cedarbrook used Nicolock pavers for the patio, flagstone for the upper-level patio and stairs, flagstone caps on sitting walls and fireplace hearth. We installed Lake George natural rubble on the fireplace exterior and installed an outdoor kitchen with task lighting.


Low Maintenance Materials

Outdoor Living Trends

More and more homeowners are passing on products that require maintenance. Composite materials, plastics and aluminum have become a first choice for clients when determining project materials. Low maintenance outdoor materials require minimal homeowner upkeep and time to maintain that “brand new” look. These decking, trim and railing products all have warranties which translates into “piece-of-mind”. The warranties are important to our clients because expertly crafted outdoor living spaces are an investment.

Our client’s project above features all low maintenance materials. The deck is TimberTech’s Silver Maple composite decking (30-year warranty), the posts are wrapped in Versatex PVC (12-year warranty, the railing is vinyl (limited lifetime) and the fascia board is PVC.


Outdoor Living Trends Lighting

Outdoor Living Trends Outdoor Lighting

Low-voltage outdoor deck, patio, and landscape lighting has always been practical. It’s inexpensive to run and provides safety and security for the homeowner. Outdoor lighting is also beautiful and has been a welcomed addition to many outdoor living spaces especially with the move towards outdoor socializing. Consider adding lighting to your deck posts, rails, stairs, or landscape to set the mood and create the perfect ambiance.


Swim Spa Addition

Outdoor Living Trends Swim Spa Addition

Swim spas have really made a splash over the past few years. Spas are an excellent way to relax and unwind but they also have super health benefits too. They have been used to aid with hydrotherapy, injury recovery, stress reduction, weight maintenance, and more. You can swim, walk or run-in place due to the powerful jet stream these spas produce.

Spas are more cost effective to own and operate than a swimming pool and require less space.  You also have the option for year-round use with a swim spa that you won’t get with a swimming pool.



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