Outdoor Privacy

Maybe you have nosy neighbors, or you just do not like the view. If either are the case, and moving is not an option, just add some outdoor privacy! There are so many fabulous ways to achieve your ideal serene environment without standard fence options.


Outdoor Privacy

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Living Fences

Go green!  A living fence is a fabulous way to provide privacy.   It’s great for the environment and provides a beautiful, natural view.  Trees like the Thuja, Leyland Cypress and Eastern Red Cedar are just some of the fast-growing species available.  Privacy hedges work great too.  You will want to check what works best for your climate, the amount of sun you receive and the amount of space you can dedicate.  Also, if you have a HOA you might want to check with them to see if they require approval prior to planting.  The best part is that these sustainable, eco-friendly trees and shrubs are low maintenance.

living walls

Custom built Cedarbrook pergola in MD

Outdoor Privacy Pergola

Pergolas can be freestanding or attached structures that are primarily used as dedicated sitting/dining areas.   They can be as open or private as you would like.  Add hanging flower baskets, curtains or grow ivy for privacy.  A pergola will also give you and your guests a reprieve from the sun.  These elegant structures are perfect on either a patio, deck or in the yard.   Usually pergolas are custom built features, but you can also purchase pergola kits at home improvement stores too.

Photo courtesy of Lowes, Infinity Fence Panel

Photo courtesy of Lowes, Infinity Fence Panel

Privacy Walls

Many times, fence panels are used for privacy walls however, there are a multitude of ways to design a privacy wall.  Consider an eco-friendly vertical garden or add some art to your privacy wall to give it your own unique flair.

Outdoor Privacy wall

Custom built Cedarbrook trellis in Frederick, MD


A trellis is usually a metal or wooden framework used to support climbing vines or flowers.  This decorative feature can be placed in a yard like a privacy wall or attached to a deck providing your and your guests with a gorgeous view.   Trellis’ can be custom built or store bought.


Outdoor Privacy

Photo courtesy of Wayfair, Veradek Privacy Screen

Outdoor Privacy Screen

A freestanding privacy screen will do a great job cropping out unwanted views.  These screens are easily found online and at home improvement stores.  They come in a variety of sizes and materials.

There are plenty of ways to privately enjoy your outdoor living space and the above mentioned are just a few avenues to explore.  If you are looking for a custom solution for your privacy needs call Cedarbrook today for a free consultation with one of our sales and design team members at 301-703-8728.