Pergola – Define your Space

Pergolas have been found in ancient civilizations from Egypt to Greece. They found their way back into the hearts of many during the 17th century Italian Renaissance and have never left. The Pergola distinguishes your outdoor space.


Pergolas traditionally have a flat or arched roof and are made of either wood, PVC, fiberglass, metal, stone or brick. Wood is a great option because you can stain or paint it to match your surroundings. Consider using a cedar, teak or mahogany for their natural resistance to rot, decay and wood damaging insects. PVC is weather resistant, rot resistant, has a long lifespan and is maintenance free. Fiberglass is strong, has a long lifespan, is maintenance free and comes in a variety of colors. Metal can be a durable and attractive selection too, but rust can be an issue if not properly sealed. Finally, you have stone or brick which look terrific and most choose this to match the exterior of their home.


Define your space. Your Pergola can become your outdoor dining room, the cover for your walkway or your hanging garden. Pergola’s can add just the right amount of sun and shade but why not add a Pergola shade canopy, drape hanging lights or add a chandelier. The key is that it is your space. Dress it up or down.

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