Planning your Spring Build this Winter

Planning your Spring Build

The last thing most homeowners have on their mind in the winter is planning a new outdoor living space,  especially when nestled under covers gazing outside at the snow-covered ground.  However, if this is the year for your new outdoor sanctuary, planning your spring build this winter might be the best time to start and here’s why.

Use these colder months when you are indoors to begin designing your dream space. Check out websites like Pinterest where you can see what other folks have done and begin to save designs that catch your eye.  Look at some of your local builder’s websites to see some of their work too.  If a local builder’s work looks like a good fit for your project do your due diligence. Look at their ratings and reviews.  See what others have experienced.  There are a variety of online sites that review builders like Angie’s List and Houzz.

Winter is the perfect time to start meeting with potential builders. They are usually slower during the winter months and have more available time. Quality builders with good reputations are harder to come by in the spring. It could take a couple of weeks just to arrange just an initial meeting with a designer/builder because many times there can be a queue.

If a permit is required, your builder will need to provide your local municipality with your outdoor living space plans for approval. Once your building plans have been approved by the county or city, your builder will be issued a building permit. This allows your builder to proceed with your project.  If you have a Homeowners Association (HOA) you may be required to present your plans to your HOA for approval as well. During the spring and summer months there can be long wait times to have your plans reviewed by either your local building permit office or your HOA which can hold up your project.

Sometimes, due to high demand, products can be on backorder. Sourcing and selecting the materials for your outdoor living space during winter months helps to make sure they are available for your build.  Also, you won’t feel as rushed when making these important material decisions.

Remember the old “FIFO” rule – First in, First out?  It applies with building projects too.  Since you will have been working with your builder since winter you will be one of the first homeowners to have your project started. During spring and summer months there can wait times that last from weeks to months once you sign a contract.

Are you ready to start planning your new  spring build or outdoor living space this winter? Call Cedarbrook for a free consultation with one of design and salespeople 301-703-8728 and let us have you enjoying your new space in no time.