The purpose of your deck stairs is to provide a safe access point and to assist with the flow of your outdoor living space. Many times, your property layout will determine what stair style will work best. Even though your stairs are meant to move you and your guests between levels, they can also have a huge impact on curb appeal and resale value. Consider these six popular deck stair styles.


Straight Staircase

Popular Deck Stair Styles

This is the most common and one of the most popular deck stair styles and does not change direction. This minimalist design allows the user to easily go up and down stairs. This style is a practical affordable option. Consider using lattice or skirting to dress up the space under your stairs. This is also a great area to store outdoor items.


Straight Staircase with Landing

Popular Deck Stair Styles

Building code requires staircases with a height of 12 feet or more to have a landing. The purpose of the landing is for safety reasons. Should someone trip and fall on your stairs a landing is meant to break the fall and limit the distance of the accident. Consider adding lighting for added safety.


Popular Deck Stair Styles Wide Staircases

Popular Deck Stair Styles

Extra wide steps work brilliantly on low-level decks and flow nicely into lower-level patios. They provide excellent two-way traffic and can double as a sitting space. This style of stair also offers the opportunity to have storage space underneath, or it can be covered with cladding or lattice.


Multiple Staircases

Popular Deck Stair Styles

If you happen to have a large deck, multiple levels to your deck space or enjoying entertaining at outdoors, then it would be a benefit to have more than one staircase to access each area. This provides a great flow for guests to move around easily without feeling cramped or waiting in line to exit or enter outdoor living space.


Cascade Style Staircase

Cascade Style Staircase

Cascade stairs are also known as wrap-around steps are great to use when the deck project is just a few steps off the ground. This is eye-catching stair style is just as functional as it is gorgeous.


Popular Deck Stair Styles Spiral Staircase

Spiral stairs are stunning space savers that work well on multi-level outdoor spaces. However, they can be difficult to maneuver for small children or those with mobility problems. Although very beautiful, they limit the steps being used to one person at a time.

spiral staircase


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