Popular Outdoor Furniture Choices

Popular Outdoor Furniture

TimberTech Pecan Decking with TimberTech Contemporary Cable Rail in Columbia, MD with Popular Outdoor Furniture


Your outdoor living space isn’t complete until the furniture and décor is in place! While there are many different materials to consider, Cedarbrook has compiled some information about the more popular outdoor furniture choices and materials for you to consider.


Popular wood species that can withstand the elements are Teak, Ipe, Black Locust, White Oak, and Eucalyptus. These are hardwoods and they are strong, durable, rot, and insect resistant.  You will not need to worry about wind or tipping these heavy materials over! These hardwoods can last for decades when treated properly, keep in mind some hardwood species require a sealant every so often.


Left: Custom wood bench with large Planter Boxes built-in and attached to deck.
Right: Custom curved wood bench built-in and attached to deck

Natural Wicker

Natural wicker is organic and can be made from different materials such as rattan, seagrass or bamboo. While these are beautiful outdoor furnishings, they cannot withstand the elements and will become damaged by rain and humidity over time. Natural wicker should not be left outdoors. Resin furniture made to resemble wicker furniture is suited for outdoor use and can be left outdoors.

Popular Outdoor Furniture Resin or Plastics

These man-made materials can be designed and shaped into any style; in fact, many popular resins today resemble wicker furniture! As with most outdoor products, there are varying degrees of durability and fade resistance. The higher end resin/plastic products will cost you more but are lightweight and can withstand the elements. Lower end products made with PVC tend to be brittle and crack more easily. Resin/Plastics come in many different colors and are low maintenance, requiring just a warm soapy rinse from time to time.


These furniture pieces are heavy, so tipping will not be a problem. Composite furniture holds up very well against the elements and resists mold and mildew. This type of furniture material is low maintenance, requiring very little cleaning, and comes in a wide variety of colors and textures!

Popular Outdoor Furniture

Left: Adirondack chair made from TimberTech Azek Brownstone Composite Decking
Right: Bench with built-in storage and lighting made from TimberTech Pro Brown Oak Composite Decking

Aluminum/Cast Aluminum

This is the most popular metal used in outdoor furniture. Cast aluminum is solid, while regular aluminum is hollow. This lightweight, durable material is very strong and can be shaped into different designs. This material will resist the elements and requires minimal maintenance. However, this material does retain heat more so than others and can be hot to the touch!

 Wrought Iron

This is a timeless classic. It’s heavy – so it’s perfect for windy areas, and its durable! You can use any outdoor rust inhibiting paint on this material, so the color choices are endless. Wrought iron requires very little maintenance, a wipe down with soapy water and a rinse for cleaning will do the trick. For rust spots, a quick sanding to remove the rust and a re-paint will keep this option rust free for years.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel outdoor furniture is an environmentally responsible choice, as this option tends to be made from recycled materials. This material is durable, relatively maintenance free, heavy, and resists rust. It’s great for windy areas – no tipping. Some stainless-steel furniture can be expensive and retain heat making for an unpleasant surface on sunny days.


Stone outdoor furniture is gorgeous and durable. Stone products can withstand the toughest environments!

Popular Outdoor Furniture

Stone seating overlooking custom Firepit with Pergola on Paver Patio in Gaithersburg, MD.

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