Porches: to Screen or not to Screen

You have decided on a porch addition for your home! Great News! Your new Porch will give you and your guests a reprieve from the wind and sun; but the big question about porches is to screen or not to screen. This decision comes down to your location, your lifestyle, and of course, your budget.

To Screen: The number one reason we see homeowners opt to screen-in their porches is due to the perpetuity of bugs during nicer months. If you wish to enjoy your nights free of bugs and smelly citronella candles, screening in your porch seems the best option for you. When enclosing your porch with screening, there are many types of screens to consider. Screens offer different levels of visibility that can give you an almost clear view, while also reducing the glare from the sun. In general, the thinner the screen, the more visibility you have.


Beautiful Cedarbrook Screened-in Porch, Patio, Fire Pit, and Pergola project in Gaithersburg, MD

Not to Screen: The main reasons we see homeowners opt to not screen-in their porches, is to avoid a low visibility situation for viewing the property outside of the screened-in area, as well as the choice to create an outdoor space with an easy flow from under cover to the open area. With an open porch, you can view the entirety of your outdoor space without limitations. Having an open porch is also a design feature, as it is less formal of a space than a screened-in porch would create. The open design of the porch creates a larger open area for hosting guests or having activities. If bugs are an issue for you an open porch together with mosquito curtains or fans is one way to keep out insects.


Beautiful Cedarbrook Porch, Deck, and Patio with steps to open yard in Frederick, MD

The Best of Both Worlds: Thankfully, if budgeting is not your main concern, we have another choice that gives you the best of both worlds! This would be motorized screens. Should you choose this option for your porch, you will have the ability to have screens when you want them and the capacity to quickly remove them when you don’t. The cost is much higher than going with a traditional screen, but what you gain is the flexibility to use your space how you like without the commitment of a permanent screen. Motorized screens operate with a remote or have an app associated with the product where you can control the screens on your smartphone.


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