Top 4 Ways to Protect your Deck this Winter

Prepare and protect your deck this winter to help get you ready for a super spring outdoor season. Regardless of the material, all decking will need to be cared for in the winter months, especially when snow or ice is present. Follow some of these easy tips to protect your investment and keep your deck space safe.


Remove Debris and Planters

Once all the leaves have fallen, you will want to sweep your deck clean of debris. If you have planters on your deck, you will need to remove them to prevent damage to your wood deck. Planters can trap water between the base and your wood deck, possibly causing mold, mildew, and rot.


Wash your Deck

Wash your deck before winter sets in. If you have a wooden deck, there are homemade solutions that you can make, or you can purchase deck cleaner at the store. Also, you may need to stain and seal your deck if it does not repel water.

If you have composite or PVC decking, a solution of warm soapy water and a soft bristle brush should be enough to remove any dirt.


Ice Melt Products

For wood decks, use calcium chloride to avoid damaging your deck. Do not use salt as a deicer on wooden decks. Salt will pull the moisture out of the wood and can corrode fasteners.

Sodium chloride (rock salt) can be used on composite decks, but Calcium chloride is suggested by most manufacturers.


Shoveling Snow

Unless your deck is used as an entrance, you don’t need to shovel snow until you can no longer see your top railing. Local building codes require deck railings to be 36 inches tall and to support about 3 feet of snow. When shoveling is necessary, use a plastic-tipped shovel and shovel in the same direction as your deck boards to avoid gouging.

These simple steps should keep your deck safe and well-prepared for the new outdoor season. If you are ready to add an outdoor living space or upgrade your existing one reach out to the Cedarbrook team through our contact form or at 301-703-8728 –


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