Rails, Wraps and Post Caps

When it comes to designing your deck, let’s be honest, choosing the perfect deck board gets all the glory.  Let’s not forget finishing touches; rails, wraps and post caps!  These can set your deck apart from the rest.  The rail system and components can make a deck rustic, modern or traditional.


Rails, Wraps and Post Caps

Deck railings aren’t just for safety, they add beauty and style as well.  When it comes to your rail choice there are a few things to consider:

  • Type of Material
  • The Style of your Home
  • The Amount of Maintenance you are willing to take on

Do you have an amazing backyard view you want as uninterrupted as possible?  Then consider either glass/acrylic or a cable in-fill style such as TimberTech and Azek options.  If you like the richness of metal, wrought iron and pre-fab aluminum are very attractive railings to choose from.  Composite railing systems offer a nice clean look that can work seamlessly with your composite deck.  Vinyl is an affordable and attractive option as well.  Do you entertain?  Think about adding a drink rail.  They are not only beautiful, but double as additional space during parties.

Your home’s design and exterior views have a lot of influence over railing choices.  Whether your home is modern, traditional or something in between there’s a railing available to meet your needs.



Deck posts can be an eye sore but wrapping your posts keeps your investment beautiful, protected and more easily maintained.  The great thing about deck post wraps is that they come in different styles to compliment your outdoor living space.   Some of the most popular deck post wraps are vinyl, composite, and stone.  Many have trim packages available to so help you achieve that desired look.

Post Caps

Post caps serve a dual purpose.  They are not only decorative, they serve to protect your deck post as well.  Since the top of the post is exposed to the elements (rain, sun, snow, etc…) it bears the brunt of it all.  Years ago, folks used to put old metal coffee cans on top of their posts to protect them. Nowadays, homeowners have many styles and options to choose from including metal, vinyl, composite and glass finishes.  Post caps can also have lighting features.  Lighting gives your deck a definite WOW factor and is an added safety feature as well.

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