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Jul 18, 2022 | Decks

Building a Screen Porch on an Existing Deck

Upgrading your outdoor deck to include a screen porch can be a fabulous idea! Just the thought of dining or relaxing without bugs is so inviting. Many times, homeowners like to add other touches such as ceiling fans, heaters, lighting, and even outdoor kitchens.

If this is your next home improvement project, you will want to begin with an inspection of your existing structure. While your deck may seem sturdy and capable of supporting you, your guests, and furniture; it might not be able to safely support another structure. At Cedarbrook, we perform a thorough deck inspection when we receive these types of requests. Many times, we can use the existing structure and other times its not a wise investment. After the sub-structure has been reviewed, the next step is the design phase.

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Sub-Structure Condition Screen room

Using your existing sub-structure is a terrific cost saving approach to your screen porch project. You will need to make sure your deck is “up-to-code”. Residential projects such as decks and screen porches must follow the International Residential Code® (IRC). The purpose of IRC is to provide safe residential building guidelines. These building guidelines are updated every 3 years, so many times existing structures are not up to code. If your deck is older than 3 years, you will most likely need to pay to bring it up to code if you want a structure on top. You will also need to make sure it can support the additional weight of a screened porch, if not you will need to reinforce your sub-structure.


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Screen Porch Design

Another factor to consider when using your existing structure is your lifestyle. Does the current deck layout work for your lifestyle needs? Do you have enough room? Are you obstructing a great view? Would it look better in a different location? These are important design questions to ask yourself before making this type of investment. If your current deck layout does not work for your outdoor living needs, you may want to start from scratch if you have the funds and space. Keep in mind that your sub-structure will not be the costliest factor when building out your screened porch.

When Cedarbrook begins any project, we start with a design questionnaire that is geared to understand what our client’s vision and value in this new space. We cover the amount of maintenance desired, usage, design preference and more. This is valuable information that allows Cedarbrook to customize each project to meet our client’s needs and wants.

If you are ready to ditch the bugs and upgrade your outdoor space to include a screen porch, reach out to the professionals at Cedarbrook. Our team of designers will work one-on-one with you to go over your style, materials, design, and more. Reach out today for your free consultation 301-703-8728 –

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