Hot Tub Deck Support

Hot Tub Deck


Hot tub deck additions have become more popular since the Coronavirus pandemic. They are a wonderful way to unwind and enjoy your outdoor space. Adding a hot tub to your deck involves more than just buying one and bringing it home. There are structural and design details that will need to be addressed first. This is not a typical do-it-yourself project as it does require a high-level of construction experience. We suggest working with a professional outdoor builder.

Once you have purchased your tub you will need to know its dimensions (dry weight, water capacity and manufacturer’s suggested occupancy). This will determine how much framing support your deck will need. The average deck supports 50lbs per square foot (live or dead load). With the additional weight of your tub you will need to calculate the load, for example: if a tub is 8’ x 8’ and weighs 1000lbs and can hold 500 gallons of water (water has a weight of about 8.3lbs per gallon) with a 10 person occupancy (150lbs each) you will need to support 103.90lbs per square foot (1000 + 4150 + 1500 ÷ 64 = 103.90). Your hot tub framing will need to support at least 104lbs per square foot. If you cannot locate your paperwork, check in your tub’s pump compartment for product specifications. Engineering for loads this size requires a series of beams or joists to support the weight of the hot tub. You will also want to check with your municipality to see if they have requirements you need to meet.

If you are using your existing deck material, gauge the strength. If your material is wood, look for insect holes, rot or other possible areas that look compromised. If this is the case, then you may want to have your deck inspected by a professional.

Location, location, location! Place your hot tub in a convenient place where you do not have run across the yard in the winter to use it. Make sure when installing your hot tub that your service panel is easily accessible.

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