Deck Designers

Today’s Decking Choices

In the past, there were just a few deck board options to select from. Decisions were as simple as choosing the wood decking option that fit your needs! However, times have changed and new technology has been introduced to the decking industry.
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Think Outside the Box

The demand for curved decks is on the rise with Azek and TimberTech composite decking making board bending easier than ever before.  With the use of specialized heating pads, board bending can be done on the project with a skilled hand and an artist’s eye. 

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Low Maintenance Living

People are changing the way they live with new and improved low maintenance materials used on outdoor living spaces. The days of spending your weekend working on the house has been exchanged for a day out with friends or at a backyard cookout! Homeowners are looking for easy and carefree maintenance, and that especially holds true to their decks.

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