Winter Outdoor Living Space
Winter Outdoor Living Space

Enjoy your Outdoor Living Space this Winter

Do you get the “winter blues”? If so, there is no reason NOT to use your outdoor living space during the winter months. With some simple modifications and creativity, you can enjoy the outdoors all year round.

The first thing to consider if you want to use your outdoor living space throughout the year is the heat source. You need to decide if you want a permanent heat source or one that you can relocate.

Permanent Heat Options

Many times, permanent heat structures accentuate the design of the outdoor living space. Firepits and fireplaces may have seating and other elements like lighting built into their design. Permanent heat sources provide a lot of warmth and are perfect for roasting marshmallows, hotdogs, and keeping toasty.

Winter Outdoor Living Space

Movable Heat Sources

There are many moveable structures to choose from. Options to consider are electric, fuel, or wood-based heat source. You can find furniture with a heat source incorporated, moveable firepits, free-standing heaters, and infrared heaters to keep you warm. Wind will need to be factored in with semi-permanent structures (avoid tippable structures).

Outdoor Heater

Roof Structures and Enclosures

Pergolas, gazebos, decks, and porches can all provide terrific protection from the elements. Budget and your existing home design will be important factors when making a roof style choice. If you plan to use your space year-round, ask your builder which options are the most important to include in your project.

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Winter Outdoor Living Space

Lighting Sources

There are so many creative ways to illuminate your outdoor living space and create an amazing nightscape.  Look for lighting such as riser lights on decks stairs, accent lighting, post cap lights, recessed lighting for ceilings, or easy and fun string lights. Not only do these light sources produce amazing ambiance, but they are also a low-cost option.

Winter Outdoor Living Space

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Winter Outdoor Living Space

Keep it Cozy and Fun

Your outdoor living space can be enjoyable and welcoming all year long. Look for outdoor furniture that has year-round durability, add outdoor throw pillows, and blankets to really cozy up the area. Consider starting a winter garden, play outdoor games or watch a movie on a portable outdoor TV projector.  

Winter Outdoor Living Space

If you already have an existing outdoor living space or are contemplating a new build, ask our team how to make your space useable throughout the year. By sharing your outdoor living space goals, Cedarbrook can tailor products, design, and flow to meet your needs. Ready for your new outdoor retreat? Reach out to the Professionals at Cedarbrook today for your free consultation 301-703-8728.

Cedarbrook specializes in design and build services; our team of professionals will work with you one-on-one to bring your dreams to life. Cedarbrook has built hundreds of outdoor living spaces in Montgomery, Howard, Frederick, and Carroll counties in Maryland since 2006. We are a “Best Pick” for Frederick, Montgomery, and Howard counties, and Cedarbrook Outdoor Design/Build has been named by REMODELING Magazine to its 2019 Big50 Class.

Winter Outdoor Living Space