Winterizing your Outdoor Living Space

Like it or not, winter is coming! Now is the time to begin winterizing your outdoor living space. Here at Cedarbrook, we put together a list of considerations for you towards a smooth winterization of your outdoor space this year.

Decks and Patios

Remove dirt and debris from your deck and patio area. Outdoor planters should be removed from your outdoor space and stored for next year. Cover or remove your outdoor furniture. If possible, keep your outdoor furniture indoors or in a shed to prevent damage.  If you have any branches that could cause damage to your deck or patio when ice or snow covered, now is a good time to consider trimming them back.

Winterizing Outdoor Space

(Cedarbrook Outdoor Deck and Patio in Adamstown, MD)

Outdoor Kitchens and Grills

Winterize your outdoor kitchen with these simple steps. First, shut off the water to your outdoor kitchen from inside your home at the water shut-off valve. This will help prevent water from sitting in the pipes which could potentially freeze and burst. Once you have shut off the water, you may want to drain all your water lines (refrigerator, icemakers, sinks) and leave them open so that no water remains. Contact a professional for advice on how to drain your type of water line if you are unsure. Clean your outdoor kitchen area inside and out, cover your sink but leave your refrigerator and icemaker uncovered. Don’t forget to turn off your outdoor appliances!  If you have a free standing or built-in outdoor grill, use a degreaser on the exterior and give the interior a good cleaning. Always keep your appliances covered to protect them from the elements!


Winterizing Outdoor Space

(Cedarbrook Outdoor Kitchen in Union Bridge, MD)

Outdoor Fireplace/Firepits

If you have an outdoor gas fireplace you will want to shut the gas off to your unit for the winter.  If you have a brick oven or wood burning fireplace or firepit, keep your doors closed to keep snow and ice confined to the exterior.  If you need to remove snow or ice from your outdoor fireplace you will need to be careful not to damage the fireplace itself!  For free standing, wood burning firepits, it’s a good idea to keep them covered to reduce the amount of debris that can pile up while not in use.

Winterizing Outdoor Space

(Cedarbrook Outdoor Fireplace and Vinyl Pergola in Gaithersburg, MD)


If you are considering a new outdoor living space, or an upgrade to an existing space, the winter months are great for planning and the construction! Have your custom outdoor space built and ready before warm weather returns to your area. Call Cedarbrook today for a free consultation at 301-703-8728.