Which Material is Best for Your Firepits?

An Outdoor firepit is a terrific addition to your deck or patio project. This feature tends to draw a crowd, which is great for hosting parties! Firepits can be used as a focal point for the design element of your outdoor space, and of course they keep you warm. Wood burning firepits can’t be beat! There is the campfire smell, the crackling logs, and they are terrific for roasting marshmallows and hotdogs. If you are a bit more adventurous you can even grill entire meals on your firepit with a heavy duty, heat resistant grate.


When it comes to choosing your fire pit bowl, you are going to want to make sure it is heat resistant, weather resistant, and has some sort of drainage. Without a drainage hole, water will become trapped and will cause rust issues. The weight of the bowl is also important, with a good rule of thumb being the heavier the bowl, the longer it will last. Experience has proven the thinner the metal, the quicker the bowl will rust through. If you are in a windy area, a heavy bowl is imperative for safety. You will also want a cover for your firepit to reduce the generation of rust through weathering.


Cast Iron Firepits

Cast iron firepits are commonly used, popular lightweight choices. They are a less expensive choice then other materials.  These firepits are corrosion resistance with their durability being largely related to the thickness of the material.



Copper firepits are beautiful and will not rust. Over time they develop a lovely patina, or a green/brown film on the surface, produced by oxidation over a long period of time. Copper firepits tend to be on the pricier side but will last a very long time.


Firepits of Steel

Just like cast iron firepits, the thickness of steel firepits is important. The thicker the steel the longer it lasts. Steel firepits will rust and form a patina. You don’t want to scrape the finish! Also, be sure your steel firepit is powder coated, as the powder coating will give your steel firepit a significantly longer life!


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a great choice as it won’t rust and can handle the elements. These firepits are modern and stylish! You will want a firepit made from 304 stainless because it is a heavier gauge, the 430 stainless breaks down quicker when exposed to high heat.

 Firepits (Stone patio, sitting wall, and fireplace lined with stainless-steel material in Columbia, MD)

(Stone patio, sitting wall, and fireplace lined with stainless-steel material in Columbia, MD)

With any discussion around fire and firepits, we feel it is important to mention some of the more common downfalls. Be sure to only burn seasoned wood and do not use construction materials like composite woods or treated wood as they can emit harmful chemicals when burned. You will want your firepit in a safe place away from overhangs and enclosed areas. Position your firepit on a flat surface at least 10 feet away from structures and neighboring yards. If you plan on using your firepit on your deck or patio, place a heat protector under your firepit. Many heat protectors can with withstand temperatures over 1400 degrees, be sure to select the right one for your application. When you are finished with your fire, cover it to diminish the flames. A fire blanket or fire extinguisher are a terrific safety measures to have on hand at all times!

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