Cozy Up Your Outdoor Space This Fall

cozy outdoor space

Schools are back in session, leaves are turning orange and red, the autumn chill is beginning… but you are not ready to let go of those summer nights.  Even though the days may be getting shorter, and nights longer, there are some brilliant ways to make the outdoors just a little warmer and more inviting.  Check out some of Cedarbrook’s super suggestions on how to “cozy up” your outdoor living space this fall.

cozy outdoor space
Seasonal Outdoor Décor
Outdoor Living Space

Stay Warm

Taking the chill off this fall has never been more beautiful. There are so many different heat sources to consider for your outdoor living space.

Firepits are terrific heat sources because you can relocate them. There are numerous manufacturers, designs, sizes, and heat types (gas or wood) to consider for your deck or patio space. Make sure the heat source you choose is suited for your space (decking material type, indoor/outdoor).

Fireplaces are amazing focal points. Not only do they add warmth but also value. Fireplaces are perfect for windy areas and outdoor units require no venting.

Create an Outdoor Room


Add a roof structure to your patio or deck to create a nice outdoor room. Decorate with furniture, throw pillows, and a warm blanket. Not only do roof structures provide some protection from the elements, they also help extend your time outdoors.


cozy outdoor space

Another terrific aspect of adding a roof structure to your outdoor living space is the “bonus” room created in your home. Additional options to consider now or later include a kitchen, fireplace, or screen/window it in entirely. A roof structure allows enjoyment in an outdoor setting regardless of the weather.

roof structure

Outdoor Lighting

Remember having to go in after dark? Well not anymore! Outdoor lighting not only changes the “mood” and looks amazing but is a great safety accessory.

Outdoor lighting is low voltage and very inexpensive to run and you can set your lighting on a timer. Most homeowners barely notice a difference on their electric bill.

Outdoor Lighting

Seasonal Decor

The change in seasons always brings new colors and a feel of new opportunity. Adding a touch of seasonal décor and color to your outdoor living space immediately elevates and changes the feel of the room. Consider adding pillows, blankets, plants, and flowers using the colors the autumn brings.

Seasonal Decor

If you are ready to upgrade or add a new outdoor living space to your home, reach out today to the professionals at Cedarbrook. Allow our team of designers and builders the opportunity to bring your vision to life 301-703-8728.

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