Perfect Pavilions

Perfect Pavilions

Perfect Pavilions

Photo Courtesy – Deck Builder Magazine

Perfect Pavilions have become increasing popular over the years.  They are usually rectangle and have no built-in flooring.  Traditionally you’ll find pavilions over patios or decking.  These open-air structures can be very basic or exceptionally elaborate.

Because this is not a project you would take on every day you will want to make sure you invest in two things: materials and craftsmanship. Many times, homeowners mimic the materials or style of their main house. As for construction, this is a project for a skilled carpenter.  We suggest that you do your due diligence. Review and interview local builders to see if they are a good fit for you and your project.

When it comes to materials discuss your outdoor living goals with your builder/designer so you can select what will work best for your lifestyle. Keep in mind that pavilions are usually wooden or vinyl.  Wooden pavilions are timeless and beautiful however they will require maintenance while vinyl simply requires a wipe down. The post material can dramatically change the look of your perfect pavilion. Many times, you will see rounded or squared columns or posts. Mixed materials are very popular. You will see where the top half of the post may be wooden or another material while the bottom half or base is stone or stone like.

Sometimes you will see a structure on top of a pavilion that looks like a small house.  This is called a Cupola and throughout the years they have been used for light and ventilation. You can find them on working barns to help dry the hay. Nowadays they are more of an aesthetic addition to your pavilion.

Pavilion with Lighting, Fireplace, Heater Bar, and Entertainment System

Perfect Pavilions

Photo Courtesy – Hearth and Home Magazine

Some the perfect pavilions are loaded extras.  The most popular addition to pavilions is lighting. Having the ability to use your pavilion in the daytime and nighttime is amazing. The “room” really takes shape with lighting and changes the ambience especially during dusk to night. If your pavilion has been wired for lighting, make sure to include additional outlets also ceiling fans are very popular too.

Outdoor entertainment systems are a wonderful addition to your pavilion. The most important part of your outdoor system is to make sure that the products you buy are rated for outdoor use. I cannot stress this enough.  Televisions and speakers marked for indoor use cannot withstand the elements and your warranty will be voided if used outdoors. Wires, cables and mountings will also need to be rated for outdoor use. You don’t want your entertainment support system to rust away.

If you are going to use your pavilion in the cooler months, consider adding either a fireplace or heater bar.  When planning your fireplace options, you have 3 to consider. You can have a wood burning fireplace installed, an electric or gas (natural or propane). If you have a HOA it’s best to check with them to see if they have any restrictions when it comes to fuel type used. Heater bars are another option to consider if you have HOA restrictions, prefer a bar, or if it works better for space purposes. Heater bars can be a simple on and off switch or can be controlled through your smart phone. Either choice will help keep you and your guests comfortable and enjoying your new pavilion.

Perfect Pavilions with Cupola, Kitchen/Bar and Outdoor Screens

Perfect Pavilions

Photo Courtesy – Saros Studios

If you are an entertainer, then adding a kitchen to your pavilion might be a wise choice. Just like your pavilion entertainment system your appliances will need to be rated for outdoor use too. With an outdoor kitchen in your pavilion you won’t need to miss a beat at the party. Everything will be at your fingertips.

If you happen to be in a “buggier” area there are screens that you can add to your pavilion. Motorized screens can be added to your pavilion and can be run from your smart phone. You can also add manual screens, shades or curtains.  Screens or curtains help do wonder for nosy neighbors too.

There are so many ways to personalize your perfect pavilion to meet your lifestyle. Call Cedarbrook today for your free consultation: 301-703-8728. Our knowledgeable and experienced sales and design team will have you enjoying your new outdoor living space in no time.